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            Low noise power station
            Low noise power station

            Low noise power station:
            There are silent power station and container power station. It is composed of steel enclosure, container, diesel generator sets, control screen and output system.
            Mute level: 68Db(A)-92 Db(A)in 1 m
            Cummins, Volvo, DEUTZ and domestic 135 series generator sets to choose from. It has the properties of Iow noise, rainproof, dustproof, anti rust, soil function, easy to install, easy to operate and reliable. This power station is widely used in telecommunications, railway, oil field, mine, industry, city construction and other outdoor environment.
            The Iow noise power station use strong power, Iow consumption, high reliability and durability generator, strong starting motor; good cooling system consists of high quality water tank and cooling fan. The water inlet is on the top of the Iow noise box. Muffler: high performance and Iow consumption impedance composite muffler. The intake and exhaust system: accurate inlet and exhaust design suits different environment.

            The main technical data:
            Product specifications Product specifications     (mm) Fuel volume(L) Weight (kg) Fit engine
            10~30kw 2200×1000×1460 140 350 FAW、Yuchai、Weichai
            20~50kw 2400×1000×1560 160 420 FAW、Yuchai、Cummins、Deutz
            75~120kw 3000×1240×1760 340 760 FAW、Yuchai、Cummins、Deutz
            150~200kw 3300×1400×1950 420 840 FAW、Yuchai、Cummins、Deutz
            250~300kw 4300×2100×2300 720 1400 FAW、Yuchai、Cummins、Deutz
            400kw 4700×2100×2450 750 1700 Cummins、Shang chai、Wuxi power
            500kw 4900×2250×2600 1000 1800 Cummins、Shang chai、Wuxi power
            600~800kw 6000×2400×2800 1300 2800 Cummins and import unit
            900~1200kw 9000×3000×3400 2800 5000 Cummins、Deutz and import unit